Building Bridges and Enhancing Inclusivity in Faith Communities

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Leaders of faith communities, community leaders, scholars and students of religion, theology and urban studies came together to reflect on diversity, inclusivity and ecumenical collaborations within and among faith communities in New York City.

This Seminar aimed to promote, the culture of various forms of inclusivity within and among faith communities and the sharing of information, resources and  helpful strategies for theological, racial, ethnic, sexual and economic inclusiveness within religious communities. 

The Seminar included:

  • A presentation of the initial findings of the Building Bridges in the Global City Project, a C-SPUR  research project on multicultural inclusivity.
  • A keynote address on religious and multicultural inclusivity in New York City delivered by Ms. Melissa Kimiadi, Deputy Director & Assistant Editor of A Journey through New York Religions.
  • A panel discussion “What is Inclusivity?”
  • A lunch discussion and viewing of “Joel Barker’s Wealth Innovation & Diversity – Putting Our Differences to Work in the 21st Century”
  • A presentation and panel discussion moderated by Rev. Dr. Keith Russell,  on the theology and practice of creating multi-cultural ministries.

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