Center for the Study and Practice of Urban Religion

The Center for the Study and Practice of Urban Religion (C-SPUR) is a research and action center based at New York Theological Seminary.  C-SPUR is an interactive network of scholars, seminary students, clergy and community leaders in metropolitan New York.  The goal of C-SPUR is to help religious leaders, scholars, public officials and secular organizations understand communities of faith and the role of religion in urban life.

How does religion impact the city?
How does the city impact religion?

We research these questions by studying faith-based organizations and neighborhoods throughout the metropolitan area, and collaborate with our research subjects using interviews, observations, discussion groups, surveys and other tools.

At C-SPUR people work together to learn about the impact of communities for faith in New York City and beyond.  We conduct research to determine how churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and other religious organizations shape the city and how changes in the city affect these institutions.