Building Bridges Seminar Schedule

Building Bridges Seminar

March 20, 2014

“Enhancing Inclusivity among Faith Communities” 

9:45 am            Opening/Introductions  — Rev. Lori Hartman

9:55 am            Overview of Building Bridges Project—Dr. Moses Biney

10:15 am          Keynote Address — Ms. Melissa Kimiadi

                             “Religious Diversity and Inclusivity in New York City”

 11:00 am          Panel Discussion: 

Definitions and Descriptions of Inclusivity – Moderator,  Dr.  Moses Biney

Pastors, scholars and educators will discuss various understandings, images, concepts and symbols of inclusivity in general and what it looks like in urban ministry. 

11:50 am           Lunch w Movie and Discussion

A viewing of the film “Joel Barker’s Wealth Innovation & Diversity – Putting Our Differences to Work in the 21st Century”

12:50 pm          Group reports from lunch round table discussions/ Q&A

1:05 pm            Panel Discussion:

Challenges, Opportunities, Best Practices for Inclusive, Multi-cultural ministries.  – Moderator, Rev. Dr. Keith Russell

Outline and discuss some experiences, challenges and opportunities of inclusivity – based on both particular cases and also conceptually.

1:50 pm            Closing Comments

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