The Center for the Study and Practice of Urban Religion at New York Theological Seminary

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The Center for the Study and Practice of Urban Religion
New York Theological Seminary

1. Create multi-disciplinary and multi-focused learning opportunities for students, scholars, practitioners, and/or faith leaders for thriving and effectiveness in ministry for the urban ecology. • Receiving training for and developing research projects in urban, faith-based congregational and community projects that call for positive change in the urban ecology,
2. Collaborate with regional agencies, institutions of higher learning, and community organizing groups, around projects and programs that improve the urban ecology. • Participating with multi-disciplinary and interfaith learning experiences that spur mechanisms for thriving in urban ministry,
3. Be an active, vibrant, and contributing part of the academic and practical fabric of the vision and mission of NYTS, always connecting issues of urban theology and practice with the NYC area and community at large. • Collaborating with community organizations that cultivate healthy urban environments,
4. Develop a research center that can be available to assist faith-based urban programs (e.g., newsletters, interactive websites, and consultation teams) • Researching congregational and faith-based organizational dynamics, culture, history, and contemporary issues that promote effectiveness in urban ministry for today and for tomorrow,
• Making a contribution to the developing mission and ministry of NYTS through the work C-SPUR.


Upcoming Events

Faith in Action Against Human Trafficking

Faith Weekend of Action Against Human Trafficking

 Friday January 11, 2019 through Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Center for the Study and Practice of Urban Religion at New York Theological Seminary (CSPUR) is joining the NYC Mayor’s Office to End Domestic & Gender-Based Violence, Traffic-Free NYC, and the Mayor’s Center for Faith & Community Partnerships for their Weekend of Action Against Human Trafficking:
January 11-13, 2019.

They invite you to:

TALK: Trafficking is an act of exploitation that effects people who may be isolated, vulnerable, and who are often judged. Share messages to frame the issue and communicate support.

TEACH: Share information about what human trafficking is, and let people know about the resources and services available for survivors in NYC.

TAG: Share messages of awareness or support on social media. Use the hashtags #endhumantrafficking and #awarenesshelphope. Don’t forget to include us: @NYCagainstabuse @MayorsCAU

HOST: Create your own awareness event during Human Trafficking
Awareness Month (or any time during the year) and email it to so we can share your event with our networks.

RSVP online now at

Download the flyer as a PDF HERE.


As of September 1, 2017, Rev. Dr. Alfred Johnson has been appointed Director of the Center for the Study and Practice of

Urban Religion (C-SPUR) at New York Theological Seminary (NYTS). Read more here.


About C-SPUR

The Center for the Study and Practice of Urban Religion (C-SPUR), formerly the Ecologies of Learning Project (EOL), is a research and action Center based at New York Theological Seminary. Founded by the late Dr. Lowell W. Livezey, former Professor of Urban Studies and Religion, NYTS received a grant in 2004 for the Ecologies of Learning project which developed into the Center for the Study and Practice of Urban Religion (C-SPUR) in 2009.

The C-SPUR staff currently consist of The Rev. Moses O. Biney, Ph.D as Research Director and The Rev. Lori D. Hartman as the Director of Development and Administration, as well as Student Research Assistants as needed for various projects.

As an interactive network of scholars, seminary students, clergy, and community leaders in metropolitan New York, C-SPUR is committed to producing knowledge and events that are useful and empowering to communities of faith, neighborhoods, government and private agencies. C-SPUR accomplishes this by including members of NYC communities in planning and research, to help strengthen and transform our City and empower religious communities as agents in the City. We share our findings and sponsor public events, strengthening communities of faith as agents in the City.

At C-SPUR people work together to learn about the impact of communities of faith in New York City and beyond. We conduct research to determine how churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and other religious organizations shape the City, and how changes in the City affect these institutions. The goal of C-SPUR is to help religious leaders, scholars, public officials and secular organizations understand communities of faith and the role of religion in urban life.